Volunteer System Features

VoRIS is a flexible secure volunteer management system with automation features that can help you manage thousands of volunteers at complex events.

Allows customization of registration pageyes
Unlimited emailsyes
Unlimited number of volunteer eventsyes
Unlimited assignment typesyes
Unlimited system administrators for your systemyes
Supports assignment specific questionsyes
Includes a fully automated waiting list process with volunteer notifications when they come off the waiting list.yes
Make bulk changes to events such as starting timesyes
On screen signatures of waiviers as they register to speed up check in at events.yes
You can use your own logos and headingsyes
Emails can be sent from your own volunteer coordinator or group email account. i.e. volunteers@yourdomain.orgyes
Emails are fully customizable with substitute tokens to fill in each volunteers email with their own information.yes
Text messaging is supportedyes
Texting is done from a phone number in your own area codeyes
Text messaging supports substitutable tokens for volunteer, assignment, and event information.yes
Send mass emails or text messages based on selected events/assignmentsyes
Advanced texting and email automation including automated assignment reminders.yes
Includes on site software used during events for check in and reportingyes
Volunteers can print their own attendance reports with check-in/out times and assignments.yes
Volunteers can update their own schedules and cancelyes
Load your own images for use in emails, system logos.yes
Mobile device support for volunteer registrationyes
Special functions to support verification of licensing for professions requiring ityes
Create your own free demo account without having to talk to a salesman or enter a credit card.yes
Fully cloud and web based. All you need is a web browser.yes
Payment methods includes secure Amazon.com checkout or any major credit card.yes
Extensive reporting with over 40 reports. All reports may also be exported to Excel for further analysis.yes
Volunteer password resets through email or text messageyes