Patient Mobile Data

SparkMobile3Patient Mobile Data

The system also includes a mobile web app that allows you to monitor the status of your event in real time from anywhere.  Donors, supporters, the media, your volunteers, and of course management can all use the mobile data to keep up to date.  The statistics can also be valuable in capacity planning and workflow analysis to optimize your operation.

This mobile web app current contains reports from both the volunteer and patient systems.

  • How many volunteers have registered for which assignments, and how many have shown up so far?
  • Patient registration numbers and registration rates.
  • Whatservices are the patients using? At what rates?  Perfect for capacity planning.
  • Average service values provided to patients?
  • Demographic information in real time as patients register.
  • The system allows you to find patients searching by patient name.  Should a family member need help locating a patient or there be an emergency, such as a needle stick, you can use your mobile device to quickly find that patient, their phone, the service areas they signed up, and if they have finished there yet.
  • No patient identifiable information is published in the mobile web app without passwords for access.



The mobile web app gives you the control to publish or hide any of the reports in the app. Usually most of the reports in the app are publicly available but you are able to setup passwords so that only management or lead volunteers can see some or all of the reports.

By default no patient or volunteer identifiable information is available in the mobile app.  However you can setup special passwords so the app helps you find, call, and get the status of individual volunteers or patients.  When you need to find someone in an emergency being able to use your phone can be very valuable.