About Spark Software Systems

Spark Systems

The SPARK Team systems are used by some of the largest volunteer and free clinic operations in the country. These are cloud based secure management systems designed to help you manage your events.

Sample of Customers

Seattle Center Foundation

The Seattle Center Foundation is a large customer of both the Spark systems. The linked video below shows the wonderful (and massive) free clinic operation organized by the Seattle Center Foundation every October. Their free medical clinic provides over $4 million in free medical care over just 4 days. See more details.

Click HERE for the video produced by the Phillips Foundation on the Seattle/King County free clinic.

Remote Area Medical

Remote Area Medical (RAM) uses both the volunteer and patient systems at over 50 clinics a year.  See their website for more information. http://www.ramusa.org

Intended Customers

These systems are intended for both large and small events.  If you are organizing volunteers for weekly charity events at your community center or for large organized conferences, these systems have the tools to help you be productive.  Each system runs independently.  You may only need a volunteer management system or a patient management system.