The Spark Team is offering counties, states, hospitals, and other groups the free use of their systems to help in their efforts at COVID-19 testing and contact-tracing.

The Spark Team has volunteer management and patient management systems which are very easy to use, flexible in their configurations, scalable, high performance and secure. We would love to help you organize volunteers for COVID-19 testing and help you collect patient data to ease testing result distribution, keeping area infection statistics, and assist with contact tracing.

The patient system can:

Record all the patient contact information. Addresses, emergency contacts.

Capture any questions about the patient during registration such as homeless status, COVID-19 symptoms, recent travel, etc…

Once the patient is seen you may want to record other medical conditions such as blood pressure, body temperature, cough, a history of respiratory problems, and of course the result of the testing.

We can setup the system to help with text and/or email notices of the rest results to patients to reduce all the staff time with notifications.

The system also supports capturing all the paper records that might be involved in the COVID-19 testing and storing those directly with the patient’s electronic medical record.

With the patient data in the Spark database we can provide database and analysis support for contact-tracing operations.

The volunteer system can:

Volunteers register and categorize themselves. The system captures medical license information and information specific to medical students.
“Events” or testing locations and dates can be quickly setup and advertised through text messages and/or emails. Each even can specify the types of volunteers needed, such as nurses, fork lift drivers, doctors, general volunteers, and the selection of those assignments is controlled by the volunteers profession. General volunteers can’t accidentally sign up as a nurse.

The system may be configured with any number of questions for your volunteers. Are they blood borne pathogen trained? Are they under the age of 60? Do they have a history of respiratory problems?

Each type of assignment may have their own set of questions. “For this assignment you will need to be able to pickup around 20 lbs and feel comfortable in PPE most of the day.”

The system allows for extensive message automation with text and emails. Assignment reminders, email guideline PDF files, thank you notes after they have volunteered, changes in schedules, etc…

Both systems:

Both systems are highly scalable and operate in their own website and database. There is no sharing of data with other groups, counties, or organizations. The systems are secure and the data and network traffic encrypted.

All these system run in the Amazon Cloud.

Current COVID-19 work

Currently, the volunteer system are being used for COVID-19 testing project by a Walmart and Remote Area Medical in the mid-west. They expect to be testing at 500 locations with 100,000 volunteers.

Remote Area Medical’s information on COVID-19 testing

Walmart’s announcement on their testing