Volunteer Management Software

If you organize community volunteer events our cloud based software will help you manage volunteer registration and communications.  There is nothing for you to install.  We take care of the servers and security, you just use the system.

Software Feature Overview

  • This system supports registering an unlimited number of volunteers for an unlimited number of events.
    • You may run simultaneous events in different time zones.
  • Branded with your name, email, icons, pictures, and domain (volunteers.yourdomain.org).  You have your own website and your own database.  No data is shared.

Mobile Web App helps you monitor your events in real time

  • Customized registration page — you decide the questions asked.
  • Unlimited number of assignments defined by event.
    • Some of your events may need doctors or IT specialists and some will need something else.
  • Interactive text messaging to and from volunteers.
  • The system includes automated waiting list processing for assignments with the system automatically filling vacancies from the waiting lists when there is a cancellation.  You define how many of each type of assignment you need each day at each event.
  • Customized emails and text messages you define, including bulk personalized emails and texting.
    • Substitute names, starting times, assignments, emergency contacts, etc… into emails and text messages.
  • Customized queries or a simple one page dialog allows quick bulk messaging to subgroups of volunteers you define.
    • Example: You can send a message to all the doctors or general volunteers working on Saturday.
    • You can send a message to all the nurses that helped you at the same event last year.
    • You can text everyone who has checked into you event today that lunch is ready.
  • Automated email and text reminders sent to your volunteers on a schedule you define.
    • For example we can send customized assignment reminders with the volunteer’s specific starting time the day or week before their event.
    • We can send thank you messages to the volunteers helping each day including statistics from the Spark patient system (we helped 437 patients today!).
    • We can automatically send out orientation documents to volunteers one week before your event, then send it automatically to anyone registering after that period.
  • You define a set of questions presented to volunteers for each job assignment.  These are questions that are only asked based on the assignments they select. These question can also have required answers.  For example to work in detail sterilization you may be required to have blood borne pathogen training.
    • Some assignments will not require questions while other may require several.
    • Examples: What kind of experience do you have with a chain saw or a fork lift or will you be bringing a dental assistant from your own office?
  • Volunteers are able to register themselves, sign up for any number of events on their own and cancel themselves.  This really frees up a lot of the time often spent on volunteer management.
  • Volunteers are able to print their own attendance reports off of your public website.  You don’t have to field their requests and later mail or email these documents.
  • This is a secure cloud based system capable of handling multiple simultaneous events in different time zones with one central view of the data for all your events.
    • We can do both HTTPS and database encryption if needed.
  • Includes a smartphone web application allowing real time monitoring of information before, during, and after events.  This app shows the volunteer signup counts by event by assignment by day so you have easy access to the status of your events.
  • Lots of reports and exports into Excel to help you manage your events.

Mobile Support for Volunteer Registration

The system allows your volunteer to sign up and modify their registrations using their mobile devices. This is an easy to use format which also facilitates on-site registration.

System Documentation

Click here for our documentation:   VoRIS User Documentation

System requirements

  • The system is completely web based requiring only a modern web browser (IE 8 or later,Chrome, Safari) for your volunteers to use it.
  • A simple bar code scanner is used on-site to check in volunteers or for small events you can check people in by name.
  • Internet access is required on-site to use the system at your events.