Helping make you more productive

The volunteer software has several features to help you manage your clinics.

Waiting list automation

SKCC-©2015AustonJames-7628VoRIS allows you to setup any volunteer assignment with a waiting list.  If the assignment fills up a volunteer may still decide to sign up and wait in case there is a cancellation.  If there is later a cancellation then the volunteers are automatically “promoted” off the waiting list in the order of their registration and sent both text messages and emails explaining what happened.  Volunteer administrators will optionally receive summary reports about these promotions.

Automated reminder messaging

VoRIS can be setup to automatically send messages before your event on a schedule.  If you have special instructions that need to be sent to all your medical volunteers a week before an event set it up once in VoRIS and it will always happen.  If someone signs up after the initial bulk of messages goes out VoRIS catches those and well.

  • Directions on how to get to your event.
  • Dress codes, rules for things like photographs, food services, etc…
  • Automatically remind out of state volunteers of forms and procedures.

Thank you messaging

SKCC-©2015AustonJames-7953While you may send out special more formal thank you messages after your events VoRIS can also automatically send out quick thank you text messages for your events at the end of each day to the volunteers who showed up to serve at your event.  If you are also using the Spark PaRIS patient system these messages can also include notes about the services you provided.

Example:  “Thanks Joseph for volunteering today. With your help we served 327 patients and provided $247,891 in free services.”

Bulk updates

With some types of events you may have over 3,000 volunteers and 80 different types of assignments over 4 event days.  Should some things change, such as the starting time for some of the assignments on setup day, the VoRIS system gives you a quick way to make mass changes with a few clicks of the mouse.

Quick bulk messaging — even during events

SKCC-©2015AustonJames-6992The quick bulk messaging feature allows administrators to quickly send a text messages or emails to subsets of the volunteers at your events.

  • Inform the supervisors that the lunch service is ready and they can begin to rotate their volunteers over for lunch.
  • Alert all the volunteers at the event that the fire alarm was a false alarm.
  • Send a message to all dentists that if they need to bring special instruments that to the clinic they will need to have them specially marked.
  • Send a message to all the translators that there will be a special 7 am meeting before the clinic opens Saturday.

Special assignments for individual volunteers

Some assignments, such as the medical lead, or dental sterilization lead, are not public and will not be seen by people when they volunteer.  However, the dental sterilization lead will need to register for these hidden assignments so each event will have a unique password that allows the selected volunteers to see these special assignments. This works fine for occasional event.  But if you have regular staff or volunteers who are frequently signing up for one of these hidden assignments you may permanently associate a volunteer with a hidden assignment.  This way they don’t need to bother with the special event passwords.

Verifying medical licenses

The volunteer systems help make verifying and tracking medical licenses easier with reports and simple updating features.  The mobile web app highlights licenses that still need verification and as volunteers check in at events a message is displayed if the professionals license still needs verification.

Signing the volunteer waiver

Volunteers always need to sign a waiver or legal agreement.  With this volunteer system this agreement is signed online as they register and the information and signature is saved with their volunteer record in the database.  This saves all the time and long lines at your event that often occur while you get your volunteers to sign this agreement on-site.  You define the exact wording for this agreement.  The volunteers sign with a mouse as the pen on on a touch screen (tablet or smart phone) they can use their finger as the pen.  This is the same technology used by package delivery systems like UPS and some retail stores.


Help finding volunteers who can translate

While you may have a volunteer team specifically supporting language translation they will most likely not cover all languages.  The volunteer mobile web app has a page, protected by a password, which allows you to quickly find volunteers who have checked into your event who speak a language you need.  This feature uses the volunteer “check in” data and registration data to allow you to display volunteers by language and event day with their phone number.  The system also indicates if they have actually checked in to your event that day.  On most mobile devices you are able to click on the displayed phone number to quickly call them and get help.


Your Reporting

The volunteer system contains numerous reports both on a mobile device and others in the full desktop application.  Most of these reports also include allowing you to export the data to programs like Excel allowing you to manipulate the data for your own reports.  In addition the system includes an adhoc query report/export allowing you to extract a wide variety of datasets.