Volunteer and Patient Management Software & Event Services

Spark Systems

The SPARK Team systems are cloud based secure management software to help you manage your volunteer events.  If you are also providing services of some kind for patients or customers at these events the second system allows you to manage that process as well.  The two systems, the volunteer system (VoRIS) and the patient system (PaRIS), may be used independently but work together to share reporting and functionality.
2014 Seattle/King County Clinic (c) Auston James

If you are running free medical events, building shelters for the homeless, have a food bank that needs to organize volunteers for special events or any other kind of events trying to support your communities please contact us.  The volunteer system provides online registration for your volunteers based on assignments you setup.  You define “professions” (such as dentist, truck driver, lawyer) and then decide which professions may sign up for which assignments (only a dentist can sign up for a dentist assignment).  There is waiting list automation and elaborate automation associated text and email messaging.

Volunteer System Details

Volunteer System – VoRIS Flier

The patient system allows you to register patients/customers onsite and sign them up for services.  You may then record the services they were given in the system in real time giving you real time numbers on the processes at your event.  These numbers are available on smartphones.  The system also allows you to scan all the patient forms and store them with the patient’s electronic records.

Patient System Details

Paper Forms Management

Patient System – PaRIS Flier

The following is a video showing a free medical clinic in Seattle, Washington using both our patient and volunteer management systems.  Seattle/King County Clinic.  These clinics are tremendously rewarding and can help thousands of people in your community.  If you need help with organizing, planning, cost estimates or software to help you get these events started please contact The SPARK Team.