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To date the Spark Systems have managed more than 27,000 volunteers for 57,699 assignments.  Way to go volunteers!

To date, SPARK systems have helped communities provide over 250,000 services to 56,000 patients, representing over $30 million in free health care.

Seattle/King County Clinic

Thanks to the SPARK registration systems our events are now a lot easier to manage! First and foremost, it’s easy for volunteers to use and understand, a key to operating a large-scale, volunteer-driven event. It allows us to communicate with volunteers by sending out email and text messages, reminders and other notices that ensure they stay connected to the event. The design is also quite easy for us to use. We have the ability to tailor so many fields to our liking, an event can be as simple or complex as needed. Plus, the reports we can produce at the touch of a button help us to stay on top of all of the details.

The patient registration system is a great companion piece. Once again, volunteers find it easy to use so it doesn’t require a lot of training. The data we can capture throughout the event proves invaluable to providing good patient service and tracking what has been accomplished. The overlying mobile data feature pulls information from both the volunteer and patient systems so we can monitor important aspects of the event in real time from our smart phones.

We highly recommend the SPARK systems!

Our patient system includes a paper document management feature that allows you to electronically store all your documents quickly and easily.

helping you manage thousands of patients, their services, and their paper forms.

Helping you manage thousands of volunteers with automation and messaging.